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Restful Objects for .NET has been moved into the Naked Objects code repository

May 10, 2013 at 11:59 AM
(Copy of announcement from Home page)

IMPORTANT NEWS: 10th May 2013

The code and documentation on this site has been moved:
  • The Restful Objects Server code has been moved into the Naked Objects project here on Codeplex ( - on which it is dependent. This makes it easier for us to synchronise releases, manage version numbering, and maintain a single issues list. This project continues to be actively maintained and extended.
  • The Spiro client framework - which is designed to work with any server that provides a Restful Objects API - has been moved into a separate project hosted on GitHub ( (We have been doing lots of work on this recently, and will do a big announcement on it in a few weeks' time).
  • The RestfulObjects.Applib project (a C# library to wrap access to any Restful Objects API) now forms part of this project on GitHub (, where it has been substantially extended and improved.